About Us

“Blue Wind” is made up of women artists, with their individual talents, and is a free art association that organizes art activities. “Blue Wind” consists of women painters, literati, journalists, editors, film director women photographers and new media women artists who try to exhibit their new vision art works.

 2012 Blue Wind International multimedia art Festival

Blue Wind Festival was held on five consecutive days -  from 23  to 27 November, 2012 in Yangon ( Myanmar). It was one of the remarkably successful festivals which allured not only audience but local artists that year. The significance of the event was that it could invite all Myanmar artists who are abroad and form Myanmar to participate.

Here are the groups which participated in the event:

  • The Peacock    (Organizer - Sonny Nyein)
  • Wild Eye    (Organizer - San Minn)
  • Next Window    (Organizer - Nyo Win Maung)
  • Creative MediaHouse   (Organizer - Mon Mon Myat)
  • Beyond Pressure  (Organizer - Moe Satt)

The festival was divided into 5 sessions: Visual Art Exhibition, Symposium, Poetry Reading, Performance Art and Video Workshop.







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