2012 Blue Wind International multimedia art Festival

1 . Exhibition

  1. Painting
  2. Print Media
  3. Photography
  4. Installation
  5. Video Art
  6. Sculpture and visual Arts

2 . Video Art Workshop
3 . Performance  Art
4 . Literary Reading
5 . Symposium


Fortunately, some difficulties were overcome in this Blue Wind hold in 2012 because all art works of national and international artists submitted to the Censor Board of the Ministry of Culture were all permitted. It can be said ‘GOOD LUCK’. 

The installation symbols such as the clock on the black screen, the portrait of General Aung San( the  figure key of Myanmar History and father of Aung San Suu Kyi), the breakage on a canvas, the poems of anti-war and liberation from being oppressed written on transparent plastic sheets, the hair that had been sold out by a down-trodden women to earn her living etc. could be presented as unprecedented images of installation for Myanmar people. Formerly, the art works of international artists were not allowed to display at Myanmar Galleries and were only allowed at embassies. In this festival, the art works of international artists can be displayed freely at private galleries and Public Garden of Myanmar. 

This Blue Wind Festival is the first and foremost censor-free show, which includes national and international artists and is open to all audience for their appreciation.  Without the Prince Claud Foundation's sponsorship and great help, our success will not be possible.
 Phyu Mon 

Blue Wind Festival was held on five consecutive days -  from 23  to 27 November, 2012 in Yangon ( Myanmar). It was one of the remarkably successful festivals which allured not only audience but local artists that year. The significance of the event was that it could invite all Myanmar artists who are abroad and form Myanmar to participate.

Here are the groups which participated in the event:

  •  The Peacock    ( Organizer - Sonny Nyein )
  •  Wild Eye    ( Organizer - San Minn)
  •  Next Window    ( Organizer - Nyo Win Maung)
  • Creative MediaHouse   ( Organizer - Mon Mon Myat)
  • Beyond Pressure  ( Organizer - Moe Satt)

The festival was divided into 5 sessions: Visual Art Exhibition, Symposium, Poetry Reading, Performance Art and Video Workshop.

Artists and Presentation of their works during the festival Pekka Niskanen (from Finland) played a leading role in Video Art Workshop, lecturing on the Art Historiography of Video Art and the practical approach to creation of video art works. As the trainees, men and women, earned the opportunity to practically approach the video art, the workshop gave us a deep impact though its duration was short.

Performance Art was headed by Moe Satt, the leader of Beyond Pressures Group. The performance artists from other countries like Preeyachanok Ketsuwan from Thailand and SP- 38 from Germany participated in it.  And Nyo Win Maung, Lwin Oo Mang, San Oo, Tha Di Htar, Moe Satt,Htoo Lwin Myo, Mra Lunn Htwann, Ma Ei, and others from Myanmar took part in it, exhibiting performance art works, reflecting the current affairs of Myanmar. Their  performance art revealed obviously how Myanmar people's long-time hope was and is. The Performance Art Creation was conducted within the complex of “Sein Lan Soe Pye People Garden”.

Literary Reading was arranged by Mon Mon Myat, the founder of Creative Media House and the organizer of Democratic Film Festival. Myanmar poets, editors, journalists  and writers recited their own poems. It became a specific program that conveys the voices of age and its people through the rhymes and rhythms of art and literature. The writers and artists such as Nyein Wai, Aung Pyae Sone, Su Mi Aung, Nyu Eain Htet Myat, Chan Aye,Phyu Mon,  Ko Inn Wa, Pandora,  SNA, Lin Thant Nyi, Maung Yan Paing etc. participated in the poetry recital. This session took place at Myanmar Ink Art Gallery, where Mon Mon Myat's  documentary photo of the Myanmar voters' voice was exhibited simultaneously.

The Symposium was enlivened by the artists from Local and International. They shared their previous knowledge and experience, and the other artists got the chance to touch on the background history of the emergences of their art works.

Ms. Morgan O’Hara, a famous Conceptual artist from America, discussed how her Conceptual  Artworks appeared and how she got inspirations as the results of the interaction between art and environment. And then curator Keiko Sei (From Japan), who has been actively involved in art projects of Asia, pointed out how the video art works of Myanmar women depict the contemporary Myanmar history through their video arts.Writer, researcher, curator and art programmer Nathalie Johnston (from USA) highlighted on how the cultural themes and the presentations of performance art between East and West varied according to ages.Writer, researcher and curator Ms. Shireen Naziree (from Malaysia) put an emphasis on the art works of the women contemporary artists of Asian Countries by slide-showing their respectively art works.

The other international artists and art lecturers like Tien Thua (Vietnam), Preeyachanok Ketsuwan (Thailand), Jaffa Lamm (Hong Kong), and  a researcher and programmer Sue Hajdu (Australia) gave talks on their own creative art and art works.

Myanmar artist and founder of Next Window Nyo Win Maung and artist and founder of The Wild Eyes San Minn of Myanmar deeply discussed the development of art. In addition, Zeyar Linn, who introduced language poetry to Myanmar, read his poem. Contemporary (conceptual/post conceptual) poet and language conceptual artist Nyein Way, who is running the webpage's Myanmar conceptual poets station, encouraged the artists to prepare themselves so that the poems will be able to prevail among the people.  And  a young dynamic female poet and blogger Pandora presented the rhythmic movements to the poetic lyric.

Translator and contemporary artist Po Po, writer, journalist and editor of a daily newspaper Khin Pan Hninn, translator and novelis Shwe Kuu May Hninn, writer, journalist and editor of a weekly journal and one of the founder of the Myanmar Pen Association Ma Thida  shared their own experiences when they tried to achieve their goals. The other Myanmar magazine editors, journalists and poets who attended the event raised some questions and exchanged their experiences. That deepened the relationship among the artists, exchanging their outlooks and broadening their horizons of knowledge. The Symposium was held at the City Star Hotel.

Visual Art Session was exhibited at Profession Gallery. There were altogether 84 artists who participated in it. The visual art encompasses video art, photo essay, photo art, printed media art work, installation, painting, sculpture, etc., covering the art works of the earliest modern artists from 1960s, those of the present day artists and  those of today young artists.  It was a rare opportunity for the spectators to appreciate a great collection of the works of the pioneers and the contemporary artists. The most specific way of organizing this event was that the art works of Myanmar artists San Myint, Khin Myint Myint,Tin Tin San, Paw Thein , Htein Linn,Chaw Ei Thein, who had been abroad on political situation, could be exhibited. 

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