Grace Swe zin Htaik

Grace Swe zin Htaik

Date of Birth : 13 June 1953

Education & Credentials

-  Media Leadership Training Program, specialization in Social Content Media Production Cours from University of Southern California (LA), USA in 2002

-  Diplome de Langue Francaise from Alliance Francaise (Yangon) in 1989

-  Registered Law certificate from Central Law office, Yangon in 1986

-  Diploma in Accountancy from Burma Council of Account, Yangon in 1984

-   Graduation, B.Com (I.T), from Institute of Economics, Yangon in 1977


-   I was an actress by professional and become a social activist by choice as well as become a media personal by chance of luck.

-   From 1971 to 1991. I was actively involved in the making of over 200 films in my capacity as an actress and for over 100 video productions including 3TV series as a producer and director. I was also responsible for the management and administration of small office which handles developing concept, script, story board, production design, finance schedule, producing, editing & post production, obtaining censor approval, distribution and airing through national TV stations.

-   Experience as a participant and facilitator to organize a number of technical workshops, seminar, forum, conference subject to health education TV production, copyright and media in Myanmar and in abroad.

-  Experience as a liaison between the local government, departments, corporations and the management team to pursue, formulate and explore various entry.

National academy award

-  The best performance in 1977.

  ACHIEVEMENTS: (AS a Media Personal)

-  Appointed as an “Ambassador for Peace” by “Universal Peace Federation” to participate International Leadership Conference, Theme on “Providing Vision & Leadership at a Time of Global Crisis” in Stamford, Connecticut, USA from 9-11 November 2007.

-   Appointed to be a focal person to organize the first “Korea Myanmar Film Symposium 2007” in collaboration between Myanmar Motion Picture Organization and Zan Entertainment in yangon in May 2007.

-   Selected as a consultant/ coordinator on joint project subject to four clean, under social mobilization, between Unicef/Yangon and Myanmar Motion Picture Organization from 2006 to 2008.

-  Selected to participate to “Produire Au Sud” workshop, 4th World Film Festival, Bangkok in October 2006.

-  Selected to be a facilitator to present a paper on behalf of movie industry at National Seminar on copyright and related rights in creativity industries, organized by WIPO, Japan Copyright Office and Myanmar Writer & Journalist Association in Yangon in 2006.

-  Successfully organized to participate to “Fifth Asian Eye Film Festival, Mumbai 2006 by presenting paper on “Myanmar movies: Past, Present & Future” and 8 movies with English Subtitled as a country of focus.

-   Selected to participate to the 60th Anniversary of UN Animation Competition in Bangkok in 2005.

-  Observed various media campaign of 15th Int’l AIDS Conference in Thailand in 2004.

-  Selected as a representative of film industry, to be participated at KL World Film Festival in 2003.

-  Selected to present paper on “Health Information for Migrants in South East Asia”, sponsored by Ministry of Research and Sorbonne University in Paris in 2003.

-  Was awarded for the best Visual Effect production for “Condom the Superman” at the Student Film Festival of Summer School Workshop in University of Southern California in LA, in 2002.

- Won a scholarship to study at “School of Cinema & Television” and “Annenberg School for Communication” on social content in University of Southern California in 2002.

-  Won a scholarship to participate to 13th Int’l AIDS Conference at Natal University, South Africa in 2000.

-  Selected to be a manager of pancat silat team for participating SEA Game in Brunei in 1997.

-  Selected to participate to the Intellectual Property Rights Seminar on behalf of Myanmar movie industry at Hong Kong University in 1997.

-  Selected to participate to the Intellectual Property Rights Seminar on behalf of Myanmar movie industry at Hong Kong University in 1995.

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