Mon Mon Myat

Mon Mon Myat

Date od birth :1970
Email Address : [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
Writer, Poet, Journalist , Photographer and media Artist

Contributor of IRIN News (humanitarian news and analysisa project of the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs)
Journalist of AFP (Agence France-Presse, Yangon)
Journalist of IPS – Asia Pacific (Inter Press Service)
Project Administrator- Images Asia – e-desk Thailand
Manager and Teaching Assistant/ Co-trainer/ Workshop organizer (Internews Thailand)
Manager Eastern Media Company, Thailand
ORGANIZER OF Creative Media House (CMH)

Master Degree, Master of Business Administration( MBA)( Payap University ,Chiang Mai,Thailand)
Master Degree, Master of Art in Journalism (M.A Journalism) ( Ateneo de Manila University, Manila,Philippines)
Batchelor Degree ( Eco) (Institute of Economics,Yangon,Myanmar)
Certification ( Independent Journalism, Radio Journalism, Reporting for Peace, Feature Story Writing,
Journalism for Broadcasting)( Journalism school, Chiang Mai,Thailand)

Photo essayTitle : Pa Oh’s Market DayStatement Document of Pa-oh women’s Nature and Beauty.

………………………………… ………
Film productionTitle : The Floating Tomatoes
Statement :
In Inlay region, the Inlay lake gradually dries up because of the loss of natural resources now a days.One of the facts that causes global warming and the deterioration of the climate is attributed to therecklessness of humanity.
Inlay depends on the nature of land and water of its region for the progress of its health ,education, andlivelihood .To highlight the fact that Inlay region’s land ,water, and climate must be protected andpreserved, I production this film .
( CMH produced a documentary film “The floating tomatoes” which was successfully shown in June 2010 inBurma. The film won second prize in Festival of Photos – Reportage – Documentary Film ASEAN, Hanoi, Vietnamand selected for screening in Southeast Asian Film Festival in Thailand, 2nd Vientianale International Film Festivalin Vientiane, Lao PDR and GFFIS film festival in Seoul, Korea.)

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