Thu Thu Shein

Thu Thu Shein 

Date of birth : 1983 in Yangon
Education :
– Studied Multimedia Production in SAE Institute.
- Studied B.A Cinema and Drama (Cinematography) course in National University of Arts and Culture in 2007.
- Spent several years as the freelance filmmaker mostly for documentary.

Film Festivals, Screening and Awards
- Heinrich Boll Foundation Documentary Award Myanmar, 2007
- Association for Asian Studies Conference, Boston, MA, 2008
- Visions du reel International Film Festival, Nyon, France, 2008 (Million Threads)
- Society for Visual Anthropology/ American Anthropological Association Conference, San Francisco, 2008- Sydney Film Festival, 2008
- The Best Cinematographer award from National University of Arts and Culture (Yangon) in 2009

Title: A Million Threads
Statement: Every Year at full moon in November, thirty women gather at Shwe Phone PwintPagoda in the Botataung district of Myanmar’s former capital Yangon to take part in a competition knownas Matho Thingan .Their task is to weave the finest robes for the temple’s Buddha images. All robes mustbe finished by dawn otherwise they are considered “Stale”.Encouraged by large crowds and an orchestra of pulsating drums and high-pitched oboes, the teamsof dedicated female competitor work the handlooms frenziedly back and forth in a feat that celebratesBuddha’s own foster mother, Gautami, who is said to have women her son a robe in a single day.

(Winner of the Heinrich Boll Foundation -Documentary AwardAssured cinematography, rhythmic editing…on authentic and joyous portrait of a Burmese Buddhisttradition that also affords a gently humorous insight into gender divisions in Myanmar)

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