Lut Latt Soe

Born: 1971,Yangon
Qualification: MSc (Physics), MS Engineering Physics Exhibition: Space Installation Workshop, NICA, Yangon(2003). Land mark “Sharing –Experiences workshop with Thai Artist, Jittima Pholsawek, NICA (Yangon‐2003),Art Exchange Thai‐ Myanmar ( Salween)Project, Thailand(2004). Body Report Performance Art Show, Yangon, Myanmar (2010).Next Window Art Exhibition, Yangon (2010)
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Title‐Words Objective:
We express our thoughts through “words” We discuss about our thoughts, our aims with our friends. Before we do in practical, we think and argue the different ideas. Then at Last, we get the best idea. So “words” are the first step of anything. Medium: pieces of clothes