May Moe Thu

May Moe Thu

Education (BEC Mech): Yangon institute of Technology
Certificates Short film workshop ( Alliance Fiancée) Artist Book Workshop ( American Center‐ Yangon ) Contemporary Art Workshop ( New Zero Art Space )


She is one of the New Zero Art Space’s student .She has started group
exhibition with new zero members since 2008. 2010‐Together duet Art ( With So Keentery Ouer‐ Cambodia Artist ).2010‐ Road ( Indo Myanmar Cross road, collaboration project)


Title : Green human‐being leaves
Medium: Green leaves and flowers
Objective: the leaves are cut‐out in shapes like smiley faces. To be think of the interrelation between the trees and human as if those leaves cut‐out in smiley faces demand the interrelation in order to protect the destruction by human.

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