Yi Yi Kihin

Yi Yi Kihin

Born: 1960

Qualification: State school of Fine Art in Yangon( 1978‐80), Studied under U Thu Kha, U Ba lone Lay,um‐Tin Aye.U Sein Aung, Yu Ki Won( Korea)200

Exhibion: Human Six ‘ n’ and Colour Art Show(2005), All Myanmar Art Exhibition ( Mandalay),Best Painting of the Year 2007 ( 2007),Art Exhibition Charity show(2008), It Art (2008) ,10 and 1 Exhibition2009),Nargis Fund Exhibition (2009) and Morning Glory art exhibition .

Title : Habitat Size:(20×24)inch
Medium: A/C Concept: Every being has his or her own habitat.Here, water is the living place for the water species where they thrive .This painting shows one thing of sirviving.


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