Khin Mya Zin

Khin Mya Zin

Date of Birth: 1956,May
Work: Freelance Writer,performance and installational artist.
Education : B.Econ (Eco)
E-mail : [email protected]

Myanmar Language Publication
She writes 170 short stories, 10 long stories, 65 articles, 50 poems in various magazines and journals ,writes
and publicated Art History: Three Generations of Myanmar Women Artists (2007)

Other Language Publication
- Amay Sayama (The teacher who is my mother) translated into Japanese Language (1989) and
Into Russian Language (1990)
- Chaung Char Tay (Song of the far away ) translated into Japanese Language (1998)

She has started Exhibition since 1981. Beyond the Golden Age Art Exhibition (15 Women Artists, age over
fifty) National Museum 2007
International Women’s Day Art Exhibition at Alliance Francasie (15 French & Myanmar Women)
She organized Wings Art Exhibition (50 Women Artists) August 2007

Title: Complexion of days.
Media ; Mix Media
Statement: We always face to advertisement from anywhere. I though, everybody has been influenced by

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