Phyu Mon

Phyu Mon

Date of birth : 26, June, 1960

Since her teens she has written poetry, short stories and also painted. Now, her recent work is based on multimedia art and she is still writing articles about international art and in Myanmar Magazines and Journals.

She graduated from Mandalay University majoring in Myanmar Literature. She is the first female Performance artist in Myanmar and has participated in several local and international arts Exhibition and Performance Festivals. She is a Member of Myanmar Photo Association and Founder of Blue Wind – Woman Artist Association.

NIPAF‐2001 (Mandalay‐ Myanmar), The 7 th NIPAF ASIA Performance (AICH, Tokyo. Kyoto, Osaka , Nagano JAPAN). Performance Site Myanmar 05‐ ( Yangon Myanmar), Dancing snow art festival ( Say Sa Yar –Art Gallery‐ Yangon ), Poem Festival ( Gita Mate‐Music School –Yangon ). Divide ( Short film Alliance Francaise‐ Yangon).Outstanding Myanmar ( Chiangmai‐ THAILAND).Sweet December (Short film Alliance Francaise Yangon ).Video installation ( Organized for Multi –Expression Event Alliance Francaise Yangon ).Phyu Mon SOLO Performance art and Video Art‐( Annexe Gallery‐ Kualalumpure ,MALAYSIA). Beyond Pressure International Performance Festival ( Thamatha‐ Hotel‐ Yangon) .iUi 01(Alliance Francaise Yangon). On and off (B A K‐ Market‐ Yangon).Outstanding Myanmar Graphic Show (National Museum‐Yangon ),organized Blue Wind Contemporary women Exhibition ( National Museum ,Yangon), La Honas Digital Art Show ( La Honas Hotel ,FRANCE). Speaking Alone ( Thavibu Gallery Bangkok, THAILAND). Magnetic Power –Asia Korea Contemporary Photography& Media Art Exhibition (Sun Art Gallery& Jinsun Gallery – Seoul, KOREA.)Blend the world ( Copenhagen) ,We are Burma ( The Leila Gallery ,Berkely US), Myanmar Contemporary Art Festival ( Landon) organized Blue Wind Multimedia Art Festival ( Da Kaung Gallery, Yangon)SIPF ( Singapore International Photo Festival, Singapore),100 years women Day , Solo Graphic Art Exhibition (Neuberg Art space –Jockey Club Creative Art Centre‐ Hong Kong),Between –Myanmar Cambodia Art Exchange ( Meta House Gallery‐Cambodia)

Title: Born to Run
Medium: Graphic Art
Concept: All of us are running on the floatable time.

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