Tin Moe Wai

Name : Tin Moe Wai
Date of Birth : 14.12.1974 in Yangon
Education : Graduated (B.A) History From Distance University in 2000. Studied the Basic Photology course from in 2002. Distinction ; Lmps IN 2004 Distinction; AMPS in 2005

Work Experience : Won over 20 major prizes in Myanmar photo contests between 2002 to 2006 Attend and got Travel Photography by Kevin Moloney held 2009- December (Organized by the American center. Yangon) Attend and got Documentary Photography by Howard French held 2010 June (Organized by the American center. Yangon) Attend and got Feature Photography by Milan Jaros held 2010 june ( Organized by the French Cultural center, Yangon ) Working as commercial photographer at Rainbow Photo Studio from 2006 to Present.

Title: Belief:
Size: (10×8) inch Medium: Photo Essay
Statement: I would like to refer to Myanmar‘s traditional belief in Nat .I took all these Photos at the market that Sell the things for the Nat to be worshiped.