AMAYAR (Medical College No.1)

Bio- AMAYAR (Medical College No.1)Born on November 3, 1962. Amayar was the youngest daughter of father U Yie and mother DawMya. Her real name is Nu Nu Swe. She passed the entrance exam, with distinctions in 4 subjectsincluding Burmese, from .E.H.S No.1 in Pabedan Tsp formally known as St. Mary High School.At High School she learned painting under her teacher painter Ma Myint Khing and she has beenan award winner of many international painting contests for children. She got the scholarshipfrom government to learn university education at Regional College No.2 in Hlaing Tsp from1981 to 1982. Later, being the girl born with heart failure she was hospitalized in 1983 toundergo a surgery after she learned medicine for 2 years at Medical College No.1 from whereshe graduated M.B.B.S in 1987. She started to operate her own clinic in Tamwe Tsp in Yangon.Her husband is Professor Dr. Soe Painzg, the consultant specialist for cardiac surgery atDepartment of Cardiological Surgery at People’s Hospital, Yangon.

Her unique daughter isattending Final Part II at MC-1. Amayar and her family lives now at T3, Shwe Ingyin Residence,in ThuWana Tsp, Yangon.She attended the course for Hearing aids module which held in Singapore. In 2004, she achievedthe advanced diploma in Family Medicine from Yangon Medical College-1. Since 1982, she hasstarted writing poems, fictions, articles and essays in annually published magazines from hermedical college. She started her literary career as a writer as her article, titled “the patients whounfortunately becomes patients”, was printed in local medical magazine AYAWGAM ofNovember issue in 1986.She later achieved many literary prizes and awards like Myat Mi Kin consdlation prize for shortfiction in 1997,and the third runner prize for short fiction in 1998.She wrote so many articles in local magazines like Arawgam, Thuta Swesone, Maheythi,ShweAmautae, Kalyar, Lonemalay, Mandalay Myanandar, Fashion Image, Fashion Icon, HealthFor All, Degaryu, Living Vine (NweMyatshin), Sarana and so on. Also her articles are printed inweeakly journals like Health Digest, Family Health, Health Care and Alinndan.

In 2009, shepublished her book the whisperings among Women. Her two short stories were also broadcastedby MRTV.She is now working as a regular article write for Health Digest magazine and as a member andconsultant editor on family health for Family and Living Vine.She is also a co-secretary of Physician Writers Association and Association for MyanmarWomen Physicians which is a branch of Myanmar Physician Association.ICEBERG PHENOMENAAs a woman doctor, I have a lot of heartfelt things to tell you all. I practiced painting andwriting even before I became a doctor. When I was young those artistic practices didn’t as muchdevelop as nowadays yet; not only people did not consider them interesting but we then alsolacked the opportunities that we witness today. Since sixth grade I have started practicing them,what I felt in my mind was transformed into drawings and sentences. And I did not create themin the hope that other people might notice or read it. Instead, the way I created and appreciatedthem made me very relaxed and satisfied.

In 1987, I graduated Bachelor of Medicine Science from the University of Medicine (1)as I was creating the art that inspired me and shared my creative works with others. Myapplication submitted to the selection Board of official staff was rejected when I applied for partof the government surgeon because I was born with heart failure. So, I acted as a generalphysician at my own clinic. I thought then that my life as a GP was inferior to my counterpartswho became specialists; after they had performed as civil servants they got chance to acquireadvanced degree abroad. By the way, in those days you had the permission to attend advanceddegree only after you got two years experience as a civil servant.But fortunately, we have the chance to attend so many current advanced degree programslike CME at the Association of Burmese Physicians that I had a chance to be in touch with manymedical subjects apart from my specialization.

In 2004, as the government offered advancedcourses ,and I got an advanced degree of Family Medicine.After I got the advanced degree I worked as a family physician for public in the quarterwhere I lived People not only consulted met about their health with me but also they talked abouttheir family life, income and expense, education and so on; they trusted me and relied on me.Family physicians like me are supposed to treat our clients by using a way called bio-psychosocialapproach and suggest them what is suitable for them to be cured as a treatment.My clinic has opened there in the quarter since 87’now it is the place where my clinic ispermanently opened as it has there for over 23 years.

It was lucky enough for me to deal with allmembers of a family tree; as a family physician they talk to me about their secrets and problems;they assume me as their most reliable person.The young people who come to work here from distant regions and live in boardinghouses in Yangon also come to me to discuss their problems so that I become a reliable personfor them. Physicians are meant to keep their tongues concerning privacy of their patientsespecially concerning what we learnt from patients during the treatment except somecircumstance where facts are worth to let others known. So, my patients come to me conversingwith me about their personal matters because they think that I am the reliable one.Since I am a female physician, my female patients consult me about their femaleexperiences — especially the experiences that female would only confront. Normally, they havea lot of problems that scarcely fellow peers may notice.Eventually, I have an obsession that most girls I met devalued their virgin life and theyeasily get lost their virginity.

The reason why I want to share with my readers what I learnedfrom them is that it is so often to meet those girls that I thought that become a situation whichthreatens the ethic and personality of young women in my country as a whole.The family that I am going to describe is the one with no infamous record in their lifeamong their neighbors and in the quarter: I mean they are neither flirtatious nor easy. I give atreatment for the mother who suffers hypertension. The father who suffers heart failure consultswith my husband who is a Cardiac surgeon. Also consulting with us are other family memberslike aunts, uncles and granddads etc. They have a daughter who accompanies the motherwhenever she comes to see me.

I have cured the daughter since when she was a kid. She ishealthy enough though.One day, her mother accompanied the daughter who fell ill in a sudden to see me. Themother and the patient herself thought she suffers from digestive trouble like stomach ache.When I observe the patient she was pretty weak. My usual practice warned me somethingwhen I feel with my hand something like a hard little ball just at the upper part of the hypogastriaregion. I was shocked and I noticed then it was 3 months pregnancy after I observed againcarefully. So, I asked the girl if her period is regular or not and she told me it had not beenregular since her puberty. Sometimes it stops till five months consecutively. Her mother was thenstill relaxed and seemed to me that she trusted her daughter. Her daughter was, of course, not thatmuch flirtatious; she dressed in so casually.

I noticed that the daughter wore abnormal becamefacial expressions: whether she fell ill or she wants to hide her mistake so that her face becomesabnormal; God only knows …So I just asked the patient to take a USG test because I was not sure she was pregnant andit would happen to me to make a mistake if I said it for sure immediately. But the USG resultsaid the embryo in her womb was aged 15 weeks and its heart even started to beat already.Physicians are meant to inform a patient everything they observe from him or herconsidering their privacy. Anyhow in this case I got to tell her mother what was going onbecause the patient was too young to inform the fact. Furthermore, she’s still under control of aparent as a supervisor. As a family physician, you have to know this case is so sensitive that youhave to tell the fact to the listener in a cleverest way.

So, I had to ask the girl to tell me the truth,of cause behind her mother, after I tried to make her believe me. After I persuaded her enough, Ilearnt that she used to date with a boyfriend from the tuition class and the guy was tried to breakdown their relation least taking responsibility. And the little girl might feel regret but it was toolate. That is a kind of story most inexperienced girls like them confront…This circumstance happens also to girls who come from remote provinces. Among themsome have affairs with married men and some have affair with men who have experienced themor so divorces. Also girls under control of brother and parents have said but true story like theone I described above.After I experienced so many stories like that I feel hurt in my mind instead of taking it forgranted.

Although I gave treatments I thought suitable for them, my female heart echoessomething…and my heart, which usually take delight in art and literature, feels deeply hurt. Iknow all other my counterparts confronted the problem and that problem becomes bigger on andon …It is too sad to see those girls who resolve the problem as random as possible. Peopleshould sympathized those girls instead of feeling disgusted.I sometimes imagine how they were raising up in an environment where there is no rolemodel, no ideal life style and no ideal way of thinking. And how much were they influenced bythat environment? Instead of depending solely on an earning and income of a father and of undersupervising of a mother, every member of a household goes out to fulfill their needs and wantslike education, making a living et cetera.

So they have not enough time to stay as an organicfamily so that the elderly ones could teach them ethical directives and tell them bed-time storieswith built-in morals. Though most foreign television series transmitted from media are strong inart but weak in morals; TV series, which based on stories like temporary conjugal life, affairsbetween single woman and married men and, of cause, living together. Sometimes girl actressesin the series start the affair first and foremost from their side without having propriety. AlthoughI appreciate the foreign TV series which bears perfect artistic creativity, what the domino effectthat the TV series brought to our society is illegal abortion as really casual in the society that theTV series comes from. I have no concern for the fact that those TV series educate youngaudience in an immoral way so that we take it for granted and assume no moral is important.

I thought it worsened than ever before when I learned that emergency contraceptive pills are tooeasy to buy everywhere and, for most young girls, living together becomes on equal terms withcasual shopping. I did not mean that all girls have common demeanor. There are many girls whocontrol morally themselves under the supervision of brother and parents. However, it is so oftenthat we, family physicians, discuss it, it becomes even as if it was a usual matter for us. Thatsituation is not a good potential for the future. If we, the physician, refuse to make illegalabortion for them by considering medical ethics, they go to unskillful midwife who are notscientifically trained. To deal with them to abort a child illegally is very risky for life.Even if the unethical abortion was not such an enough risky matter for the patient, later,the patient was likely to inherit AIDS from those who practice sex in a careless way.

The girlsare also likely to make their generation infected the diseases.It is very risky for those women who abort the embryo which belongs to proper husbandbecause they are supposed to suffer side effects like swelling of female genitals and uterus afterthe abortion. Plus, loss of sexual pleasure might be a factor to be considered as an eminentproblem for the married couple.It would be trivial matter for people if they did not think of them deeply while theproblems are obviously apparent whatever approach you may take from cultural, social, andmoral perspectives.Though this might be such an apparent social and cultural problem, the situationworsened; some couples come to me to ask a contraceptive injection before they left for a hotelroom.

Some girls from Karaoke Houses also ask me the injection even though they said they arevirgins. During Water Festival, some couples ask me the emergency contraceptive pills just afterthe making-love. Even if it is normal for easy women, I feel sad when I frequently meet myfamiliar girls who are not once such a girl.Today, the emergency contraceptive pills, materials, and pills for easy abortion all couldbe bought at every corner of a street. I imagine how many uncountable numbers of couples whomake such an easy abortion …The problem we face today looks like the iceberg phenomena; even though the upper partof an iceberg on the water surface seems too small, the bigger unseen part under the water.We need to make a change.
Translated by Htoo Lwin Myo

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