Kyi Mwé Eain

Kyi Mwé Eain

 Kyi Mwé Eain was born of the parents U Win Myint and Daw Yi on Thursday, the 15th of April in 1971 at Tawku village, Mudon township, Mon State. Her real name is Moe Moe Thu. She obtained a B.A in Myanmar literature from Yangon University in 1999.

            Her literary debut is a short story entitled, ‘Love is merely an illusion’, published in the November is issue of Yokeshinmyethman magazine in 1996. She contributed short stories, serial stories, poems, essays and articles to the magazines – Yokeshinmyethman, Myanmar Yokeshin, Fashion, Beauty, Faces, Mahothada, Fashion Image, Cherry, Yokeshinahmyuté, Nweni, Style Thit, Yanant Thit, Padaukpwint Thit, Moe Journal, Pephuhlwar, Pan Ahlanka, Emperess, Emperor, Sabé Phyu and Ahpyoma.

            Her serial story, ‘The face of A Stranger’, became two video movies titled, ‘The Clock That needs to be wound counter clockwise’ and ‘The Twin-breasted’. Her selected short stories have appeared in the collected short stories ‘Having Sat on The Riverbank,’ ‘The Bride Of The Contemporaries’, ‘Selected Short Stories of 2007 Ahlinthit’, ‘Selected Short Stories Portraying Thingyan’, ‘Selected Short stories of 2009 Khakabo’, and ‘Selected short Stories of 2009 Ahlinthit’.

            She participated in ‘Children’s Workshop On Developing Life-Skills Base Books’ and ‘Workshop On Innovative Approaches To Producing Media On Child Protection Issues co-sponsored by UNICEF, Pyinnyatazaung and the Ministry of Education. She also contributed articles to the books on child right and child protection.

            She is now a staff-member of the Department of Myanma Communication and lives at No.1/162, Myopat Street, Bogyoke village, in Thanlyin. She is still contributing to local magazines.

            Her contact phone number is 056-22727.


Translated by Maung Win War


Poem, the Art born from heart

            The term “poem”. Only a word but it is extremely gentle, pretty pleasant and pleasurable.

            What is poem? What kind is that?


            In general, we can say that poem is the one which is model of lively imaginations came out from innermost portion of the heart.

            Poem named not only for sacrificing heart to praise good and bad attitudes of a person. It is a tunnel vision if the poem represented only for personal beliefs losing a wide field where emotions can freely pass through.

            Poem should not be ruined by dressed words under the influence of conservation and deeply rooted norms. Meanwhile, only knowing the way to compose and possessing ability to choose the excellent expressions, you will not be recognized as an established poet only for creating poems that devoid of essence.

            For us ……….

            In Myanmar, the role of poems and the existence of poet is really in tenacious condition struggling intensively according to our nation’s circumstances.

Well ……

So, why poets stick to poems firmly sacrificing their lives despite they have encountered great hardship. They stick obsessively to poems in poor, laborious and starved conditions. Why?

The fact is that open to think of.

Because everyone knows that it is impossible to earn a living only by composing poems.

Why are poems so strongly attractive? On the poets side, there is no answer for it. This is because every poet has serious feeling in their mind that is hard to express as an astonishingly excellent descriptions to meet this question.

For a poet, the poem is an expression of brilliant imagination suddenly flash in bubbling emotions of their solitary little world. We cannot be sure of how much our role importantly took place in international literature world.

But the role of poets and poems in local literature world is still unpolished and there is a huge incomparable difference  between their effort and reward.

Honorariums for each poem are 3000 kyats, 4000 kyats and 5000 kyats is maximum which is not more than domestic per-day-cost becoming a major factor that force to limit the number of established poets and excellent poems.

For instance, ….. poetess Chit Chit Cyainn. It is miserable that we cannot find her poems for a long time in any magazines while we have only a limited number of outstanding poetess.

Poet’s heart is not a natural outlet that leaks out poems for every month regularly and also find it hard to become stated one in monthly magazines.

Thus why, some poet departure poetry for other 3 factors, against their will.

The title “poet” not only stands for ordinary craziness and courage. It is not so easy to compose a poem and to be recognized as a poet. On one hand, we also lack of firm and massive reading public for poems which emerge from such difficulties.

Lack of massive reading public, despite having some exclusive organizations, is a fact that faded influential power and ability of poem.

It is a condition that brings poets to leave poet life out and to concentrate on their career. No one can foresee the time when poetry attains professional level.

The effort of powerful and serious imaginations that needs to compose a poem is enormous. Even genuine poets never get an absolutely complete poem.

Response for such a rare poem, that is no worth to pass by carelessly, from public side are not very serious and fail to fully comprehend.

They do not have ability to know the value of poem accurately. Nowadays,the decrease in the number of reading public who accepted the gentle and magical power of poem is precious and become another factor that is unable to push the role of poem to right level as it should be in our current society, the accepted essence for value is not more than appraisal and assessment because people favour only for carrer, apportunities and profits.

Another factor is that reading public feels fed up with the poem that are attributed to poets those who used their skills cunningly with loaded vocabulary which becomes hard to the understanding. By this way, the role of poem has been falling gradually.

Another factor is that poems are out of touch with the public …..

The rare chance to hold poetry work-shops exclusively and the failure to recite poems seriously in public lectures are also considerable factors.

The obsessive power of poem goes unseen because there is no chance to try its fantastic taste.

In my early ages, I attended public lectures till too late and to the extent of suffering feetache because of my temptation to listen to poems recited in extremely attractive way which is long-lasting. This long-lasting feeling is the one that I really long for.

But today, fine art of gentleness, aesthetic sense, beauty, craft, creativity, imaginations has been influenced by technology of luxury things.

There are many poets and several kinds of poems. In the field of the educated youths who boast of to an extent, there are modern, post modern and LP poets, meanwhile, there are also rhyme, syllable system, figurative form, Leicho, Dwecho, Nyee chin, Tenn chin in classicism.

For public, blooming in poetic literature is pretty good. They can choose what they like. On one hand, the public gains a chance to feel various poems but on the other hand poets do not get any special opportunities for that. Because, every poet does not have a considerable number of published poems.

An established poet never lays emphasis on quantities of poems. Poems is not like a victim that you can trap whenever you want.

Every poet should notice that grandiloquent poems cannot produce any serious feeling and bring to state that public keen sense of reading being destroyed. We should notice that we have no authority on poem to order.

Poems of Sayar Maung Chaw Nwe never go off because he is really honest with respect to poems regardless of his social life style. He never added unnecessary flavours that can lose the real taste of poem. He never tries to influence over poem with extreme portrayal.

No one can know that how long poet have waited patiently to get what they want from natural beauty that was hardly favoured by the world.

No one can see the depth that poet’s heart has been dug up to express cleverly the essence of reality as its nature.

In my opinion, I want to give high marks to poetess.

Because I, myself have experienced difficulties to compose a poem. Poetess have no chance to compose freely by enjoying good things such as travelling, staying at hotel.

They compose poems facing their crisis of food, clothing and shelter, their household affairs, their domestic chores also with their crying baby.

Reading a good poem can satisfy your mind and be comfortable.

What gratifies us is the essence of poem  lasting perpetually.

For example, Poetess ….. “Khin Win Thit”.

Despite her poems are hard to find, even for a very often poem, I have no stomach to her poem till the end.

Voice from her poems hit my heart appealing to cry for a long time like someone falling under curse and bearing a resistance to develop within pain and sorrow. What kind of invisible power pushes her to compose such a serious poem. I was surprised. Her poems are so sharp indeed.

Earn a living honestly …… everyone says like that

everywhere …….. I can gain at least 25 pyas

That may be briskly sold …….. as far as I can reach

It can clean all dirt ……..

I can be conceited …….. for my goods, for my value of the most honest investment.

At Shwe Bon That Street.

Ma Phwè byar, …….. Rising her vocal tone

And shouting bravely

Wash off ……. All dirt and tarnished things

Here ………. Sellig burnt paddy husk (Phwè byar) ……..

…….. burnt paddy husk

(From …… “Ma Phwè byar from Shwe Bon Thar Street”

written by Khin Win Thit.

Then ……. Another one …….. Phyu Mon

(I don’t know what she is. I have met her only for two times when I was writing an article for her poem).

What I know is only her poem.

Phyu Mon is a poetess who has powerful imagination. Her poems are in common sense and also pinnacte of being dense. Her poems are in the way of bringing mind to clear mental state silently and peacefully like sailing. It answers the call of poem with blurred shape. It is a very beautiful expression.

We can feel her poems but they are so serious that they are hard to be explained.

I dare say, there is no one like Phyu Mon who possesses ability to capture tricks and regulations of poetic art.

Tomorrow …….. is coming …… to me

by rowing those clouds.

Wait ……

Only bushes of grief and perpendicular elongated roads can soothe loneliness.

A harp sound came out gently.

Originated from burning all sense.

Clouds were falling ……. at that very time when I commited myself.

(From “Roads of winter” written by Phyu Mon).

Then …… another one is Myat.

In her poem, there is a challenge of unknown strength. Something provoked us but we don’t know where it headed. When I nearly collapse, poems of Myat give me a strong excitement, a temptation to narrate something that is originated from in-born strength of her poem. A fact that her poems can open the way to leak something from mind is respectable. We can say that art of her poem can appeal to produce another fine art.

Craving City

is hunting, persuading and moking to empty stomach

with its loaded snack.

approaching slowly

toward fishing rods

with larvish foods to lure

But, certainly, at that night

No fish, not to say of one

Swam in the pond of its stomach.

(from “Snack” by Myat).

After that, Poetess Khin Mya Zin hit likings of critics, expertise and also common public with her short stories, poems and essays. In her poems, there is soft tender and peaceful voice of her nature. As Sayar Min Lu said that she is so peaceful-minded as even in heat of anger she would use obscene language in polite way. Indeed. She has in-born peaceful mind and so we can fell clear essence of mind even in her poem of missing sense. She extracted skillfully best poems from her sorrowful life leaving bitterful feelings and distasteful experiences out. Poetess Khin Mya Zin is the most honest one in that her poems are so poetic to become charming and sympathetic sense.

Music in youth ….. sweet musical timing and melody.

Let dance with friends

In spring festival,

Enjoyment is drums and gongs

Friend …… don’t be disappointed

Let find a shade to imagine poetic imaginations.

Don’t mention “Sadness”

When aged tree become older

Like an old scratched disc.

Compensate with purity if in need

Fly the spotless soul like a waving flag

Flying birds are those

Who discovered the new ways.

(from “Rhyme of summer” by Khin Mya Zin.

And then, I hesitate to differentiate what is really attractive. Is she or her poem? She is the one with her strong motto ……

“Nothing to interpret between poem and me”. That was Ma Ei with her sharp pen-nib. She is brave enough to say that no need interpret with any languages between poetry and her. Her amazing ability is that she can portray coaxingly without losing taste of poem that is very sensitive one. She can compose with strong vocabulary as her by magic. She can decorate poem with twists and tricks but those never  lose the essence or original taste.

She can compose the poem skillfully in the way that stuck to mind and irritate to heart. In that field, her skill is unrivalled. She is like a jingling bell in poem field.

To get a chance of living on my own pride

the words of cowards, left it aside

they never feel backward to say it

I want to reach mountain peak

showing no mercy to myself

my dear, at that very time

attribute to someone

who want to include in the list of 10 benefactors

become a fact to factor into

I, the one who never become the main character

With weakness in tearful scence

only want to lough uproariously and

want to say

lack of tear to pretend

feel tempted to take internal feeling out

Are those my faults?

Let is be …….

(from “letter to whom was hated and was loved”

by Ma Ei)

            The poetesses I have mphasized above are highly toterated in their way. In literature world of every county, I think, there is not so much well tolerated outstanding poetess. Every poet cames out with might and mind from similar emotional field. They are overly fond of freedom.

Poets hate awfully boring conservation that is dryly passed by from his bone. Poet also loathe worn-out things settled in a definite way. Poets feel terribly bad for a living that is locked in deeply-rooted principles.

Poets are not responsible for arrangement, differentiation, defining and norm-setting.

Poet was born not for “describing terms”

In my opinion, I read poems for my liking only. I read them because they can make my days meaningful. I read them egarly because they can supply ability to have meaningful and tasteful days despite the world do not mean so much for me.

I am not the one who read only poems of best-seller and outstanding poems of an age. I read everyone that can hit my mind.

Briefly, to develop poetry

In general,

(1)   Poem must keep in touch with reading ears.

(2)   Poets must be absolutely honest with regard to poems.

(3)   We must offer something to reward poets who earn their living by only composing poems .We must offer without failure.

By these ways, demands for poems will emerge to an extent. The existence of poets may become firm enough and the value of poem will also uprise.

Poet and poem are testing strength to each other as they can.

The rest are which history will take care and pass it on.

By ‘Kyi Mwe Eain’ 24th Aug 2010  


Translated by Wai Mon Thet

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