About Us

Blue Wind is Nonprofit organization.

“Blue Wind” is made up of women artists, with their individual talents, and is a free art association that organizes art activities. “Blue Wind” consists of women painters, literati, journalists, editors, film director women photographers and new media women artists who try to exhibit their new vision art works. Among them, some find themselves difficult and have rarer opportunities to create their art-works if compared with men artists and some who have been constantly creating their art-works throughout their life. Those who endeavourto extend their horizon in art more than before those who still seek anew waves in their craft that they are willing to keep abreast of the advancing situation, and those who make an effort to promote and develop their contemporary social lives from their own aspects include in the association. They are struggling to survive their lives of art and helping, like a wheel, the modern history of human society go on smoothly at the same time. Thus, every Blue Wind activity can be obviously observed as it reflects the physical feature of the present age and it can also be noticed that it always attempts to raise its activities to focus on the art-works that see things from the aspect of resent times to furerunner.

The first and foremost activity of Blue Wind took place at the Myanmar National Museum by exhibiting the art-works of 58 women artists in 2009. The second activity, the exhibition of the art works of 43 women artists, was held at the Dagaung Art Gallery in 2010.

The first 2009 exhibition displayed many art-works of the women artists including installation art, collage art, bronze work, etc. The strenuous efforts made by the women artists, their talent, thoughts, social outlooks, and new ideas can be traced on their art works at the first exhibition. Moreover, some specific art works depicting global warming, one of the art activities, which plays the crucial role these days.

The 2010 exhibition included not only artists but also film directors, film makers, photographers, journalists, writers, editors, poetesses, art critics, etc in a huge number. There were varieties of art works with different techniques and artistry. The outlooks and reviews over the age that reflect on the art works showed more profundities; it could also provoke the outlooks and thoughts of the public over the age. We became more encouraged to think of what we need, what we should do, and how we work for our age. The women artists ‘profound awareness and responsibility for their age can be unavoidably recognized through this exhibition.

As the Blue Wind is freely composed of contemporary artists, all are warmly welcome. We are committed that we will shine our earned corner brightest. We have brought that brightest, bluish light in the form of a breeze. That breeze will make that light of art reach every heart of people.

Blue Wind Organization

Phyu Mon ( Organizer )

Khine Mya Zin ( Coordinator )

Hnin Wai Nyein ( Manager )

Kyi Mwe Eain ( Programmer )

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